15 Interesting Things You Need to Know About Retail


by: Joni Bolkvadze
Published on 02 / 01 / 2016
In Lifestyle

Here are tactics, used by the most successful retail stores. This is why when we go to the supermarket for 3-4 products and usually we go back with big, full and heavy packages and then at home after shopping we realize that we do not have any money in our purse and cards.


1. They use RED color to attract attention of the customer to the discounts, offers and special prices.



2. They provide big carts, in order to make customer think that they should buy more. The first shopping cart was introduced on June 4th, 1937, but during the last 40 years, the size of carts was almost doubled.


3. They place fruits and vegetables in the entrance, letting people think that they buy useful things at first. In fact, no one goes to the supermarket only for one cucumber.


4. They hide dairy products deeply, far from the entrance of the market, so that you need to walk a lot to get them and of course, on the way you take other interesting products. For the families from the most of countries dairy products, like milk, cheese and butter are the products that every family has to have all the time. In the countries like China, because of the customer preferences this tactic is not working. Most of Chinese just don't drink milk and other dairy products.


5. They create an illusion that products are new, clean and fresh (using water).


6. They make people feel hungry.


7. They confuse customers with prices, 0.99$.


8. They make us feel that we walk very quickly. That is why we slow down and look around what else can we buy.


9. They hide cheap products.


10. They place related products together, so that when you take one thing and see another related to this one, you think it's good to buy it too. For example, you can see chips with dried fish, or dried fish close to the beer.


11. They place meat in front of the white wall. This way they make people think that it is clean, new, fresh and high quality.


12. They make customers crazy about the offers and discounts.


13. They paint walls in warm colors, in order to make customer feel better and to stay at that place longer (and of course to buy more :D)


14. They turn on background music, to make customers feel better, relaxed, and to stay longer, this way customer is slowing down and forgets that carts is already very heavy.


15. They place snacks, little and cheap things close to the cashier. When people stand in the line the only one thing they can do is – to look around, so people think it’s good and it’s cheap, why not to take it. So imagine if every second person thinks the same.

So next time when you will go to the supermarket don’t forget about this article and you will be able to save some money for the future. 


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