15 Main Highlights from Google IO 2015 Conference


by: Joni Bolkvadze
Published on 01 / 06 / 2015
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On the May 28th-29th in San Francisco Google had its annual developer conference called Google I/O.

On the conference, company presented its news about new devices, new version of Android operating system, new services and bunch of other interesting items.

So here are 15 most important news from Google I/O 2015.


  1. Google Play now has 1B active users and over 50B app installs in the past 12 months.

Google I O 2015 1B active users


  1. Next version of Android – Android M!

Google I O 2015 Android MGoogle presented the newest version of Android - Android M, although it looks like its predecessor Lollipop, but now it has dozens of the new features and improvements, including native fingerprint reader support, battery life, users be able to use your fingerprint to log into apps and make mobile payments without passwords.


  1. The Family Star

Google IO 2015 The Family StarApps can now get a Family Friendly designation called The Family Star. These apps will also be available in a special family section, with categories for different age groups. Now it’s easier to find kid-friendly apps and games in the Google Play.


  1. App Permissions

Google I O 2015 App PermissionsIn new Android M it will ask user to approve individual permissions when the developer calls them up. You can also look up everything that the app is accessing, or which ones are using.


  1. Android Pay

Google I O 2015 Android PayGoogle announced Android Pay - touch payment service which will work on any Android device with NFC sensor. Android M devices will support fingerprint recognition for authorizing payments, both in the Play Store and online, but also in real-life situations, to pay for physical goods. Google promises 700,000 stores will accept it, including Chipotle and Dunkin Donuts.


  1. Fingerprint Reader Support

Google I O 2015 Fingerprint Reader SupportGoogle has also introduced a new standardized fingerprint recognition feature, which will be used to unlock devices running Android M and above, but also for authorizing payments. 


  1. USB Type-C and faster charging

Google I O 2015 USB Type C.jpgAndroid M is also getting support for that wonderful new Type-C USB cable you’ll find on the new MacBook and the new Chromebook Pixel. Not only does that mean that you’ll never have to worry about plugging in the wrong way, but you’ll also get faster charging.


  1. 2X Battery Time

Google I O 2015 2X Battery TimeOn new Android M your android device will have much longer battery life. Using smart new feature called Doze It will work by using device’s internal sensors to determine when you’re not using it, and cuts back on the amount of processing power it requires, thus reducing the battery it consumes while it’s sitting untouched on the table. According to Google, your phone will last twice as long in standby mode.


  1. Android Wear

Google I O 2015 Android WearGoogle added some new apps and features to its Android Wear smartwatch OS, including an easy option for calling Uber cars. They also added a new app launcher designed to load apps faster and easier. Other small updates as well, including the ability to recognize drawings and turn them into emoji.


  1. Google Internet of Things

Google I O 2015 Google Internet of ThingsGoogle announced two new projects focusing on the Internet of Things: Brillo and Weave. Brillo is a Android-based operating system for IoT devices, like smart door locks and light bulbs. Weave is a standard for IoT devices to talk to each other. So when you unlock the smart lock on your front door, your smart light bulb will automatically recognize it and turn on. In addition to this smart home devices will use Google Voice Recognition function.


  1. Speech Recognition Accuracy

Google I O 2015 Speech Recognition AccuracyGoogle has improved the speech recognition error rate from 23% in 2013 to just 8% in 2015.


  1. Google Now on tap

Google I O 2015 Google Now on tapGoogle Now became powerful alternative its main competitor to Apple’s Siri voice assistant. It went far away from just info providing app. For example, if you will receive an emails about going to a movie, summoning Now displays information with links to YouTube trailers, ratings, and other info. If you’re messaging about laundry and dinner, it can prompt you to set up a to-do item, and give you restaurant listings, along with buttons for Yelp, Maps, and OpenTable. It’s a big expansion for Now, and Google emphasized improvements in contextual understanding. In the demo, asking "What is his real name?" while listening to Skrillex in Spotify brought up the answer without needing to specify "Skrillex.". And All of this happens from within the app you’re already using.


  1. Google Photos

Google I O 2015 Google PhotosOne of the biggest announcements Google made during its keynote on Thursday was the unveiling of its new Photos app. It includes unlimited storage for all of your photos. Your images can be saved in sizes of up to 16 MP and up to 1080p videos. It allows users to organize their photos and videos as a timeline, and group them together by locations and tags. In addition, it’s available for Android, iOS, and web.


  1. Google Cardboard V2

Google I O 2015 Google Cardboard V2Google announced the second version of Cardboard, the little box that can be folded into a rudimentary virtual reality headset for your smartphone, was a huge hit at Google I/O 2014. So it’s only natural that the company would introduce a new Cardboard for 2015. The latest version supports smartphones with a screen size of up to 6 inches.


  1. Offline Google Maps and Chrome for Developing countries.


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