20 Amazing Facts About Breaking Bad

Updated: 2023-05-20    
 Maka Tevdorashvili

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The hype around Breaking Bad never died down - emphasizing the show's enduring legacy. We have 20 amazing facts to remind you of this unforgettable TV series and let you learn more about it. Find facts that will allow you to rewatch the show from a different perspective or learn more about the effort that went into creating it.

Real-life criminals

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Breaking Bad has influenced several real-life criminal activities. Not surprisingly, Walter White became an inspiration for many. In 2012, a high school chemistry teacher was arrested for producing methamphetamine. As he mentioned, the show inspired him, and he looked up to Walter White.


New slang

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The show introduced several slang terms related to methamphetamine production. "Cooking" for making meth and "blue meth" for the high-quality product produced by Walter are widely used by the fandom. Also, Jesse Pinkman's "bitch" has become a substantial part of fans' vocabulary.

Pink Teddy

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Many of you have probably noticed the hidden references throughout the series. One of the most intriguing symbols is the pink teddy bear which changes significantly over time. It symbolises the destructive consequences of Walter White's actions.


Rock Candy

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Probably most of you have thought about the meth we see in the show - How did they make it? Was it real? If not, why does it look so realistic? The response to all those questions is quite simple - it's just rock candy. The actors would even consume the candy to make the scenes appear realistic.

Walt Whitman

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Amazingly, the unforgettable name "Walter White" was inspired by the famous American poet Walt Whitman. What's even more interesting is that Walt Whitman was not only the inspiration for the protagonist's name. Whitman's exploration of human nature is mirrored in Walter's character development.


The famous RV

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We have seen many reproductions of the RV that Walter and Jesse used as a meth lab. This vehicle became such an integral part of the series that it is almost unbelievable that the production team only opted for an RV and not any other more expensive vehicle due to budget restraints.

Bryan Cranston was not meant for the role of Walter White

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Bryan Cranston portrayed Walter White so well that he not only became a fan favourite and won 4 Emmys. But surprisingly, he was not initially chosen for the role. John Cusack and Matthew Broderick were considered for the role, but ultimately Cranston's audition charmed casting directors so much that he was selected.


Guinness World Record

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Breaking Bad would probably have taken its place in television history anyway. But not every TV series has a Guinness World Record for the highest-rated series of all time. The show scored 99 out of 100 on the review aggregation website Metacritic.

Real Meth… but blue

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The show inspired not only several criminal activities but also real-life drug creators. The colour blue became a niche among certain drug dealers, and even an increase in blue meth seizures was noticed.


Prop Money

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We see quite a lot of cash throughout the show. The more significant protagonists' business got, the more money they earned. Therefore, creators had to step up their game to make the characters' wealth look realistic as possible. The show used over $10 million worth of prop money throughout its run.

Realistic explosions

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The crazy explosions we have seen in different seasons were difficult to achieve. The production team had to obtain a special permit from ATF to film those scenes. Inviting field experts was essential to create realistic but controlled explosions too. Learning details like this let us understand how much thought and work went into creating each scene.


DEA chemist

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Even though probably none of the cast members can "cook" meth, they learned quite a lot about the chemicals and equipment used in meth production to ensure authenticity. Moreover, they underwent training with a DEA chemist who taught actors what the various parts of "cooking" meth look like.

From Walter White to Heisenberg

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Even though the gradual change we see in the transition from Walter White to Heisenberg may not be that shocking for the audience, the striking difference between the two is very much there. Bryan Cranston gained 35 pounds and shaved his head to become the chilling Heisenberg.


Jesse Pinkman

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Bryan Cranston was not the only one initially not considered for the role. Shockingly, the role of Jesse Pinkman was not even created until Aaron Paul auditioned for the role of a methamphetamine dealer named "Ken". Vince Gilligan was so amazed by Paul's audition that he created the character of Jesse specifically for him.

Gus can cook too!

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Giancarlo Esposito, who portrayed the main antagonist Gustavo or, as many of us know him, "Gus", does not "cook" meth but is an accomplished cook. Probably not many fans know that the cast of Breaking Bad has enjoyed his exquisite dishes since Esposito would often surprise them by preparing meals on set during breaks.


Skyler White or Saul Goodman?

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Another example that auditions went in a different direction than planned is Anna Gunn, who played Skyler White. Gunn auditioned for the role of Walter White's lawyer, Saul Goodman. Thankfully, the producers saw that she was a better fit for the role of Skyler, and we not only got to watch a fantastic performance from her but also a spin-off prequel series, Better Call Saul.

Kevin Cordasco

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There was so much interest around the show's finale that a fake identity was created for Bryan Cranston while shooting the final episodes of the 5th season so that no spoilers could leak. Cranston would introduce him as a crew member, "Kevin Cordasco", to anyone outside the production team.


Cerebral Palsy

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RJ Mitte played Walter White Jr. His character portrayal was so authentic that many fans became interested and learned more about neurological disorders. Among numerous other positive effects, the show had on society worldwide was raising awareness about cerebral palsy.

Bryan Cranston - a real drug dealer?

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Bryan Cranston was mistaken for a drug dealer by a real DEA agent. While filming Breaking Bad, Cranston was in full costume when a real DEA agent approached him, and the crew had to intervene to convince the agent that Cranston was just playing a role.


Jane Margolis

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The role of Jane was also explicitly created for Krysten Ritter. The actress auditioned for a different role earlier but was not chosen because the producers thought she was not a good fit. However, her talent and ability to add value to the show were evident, and that's how the role of Jane was born.

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