29 Tips on Doubling Personal Finances


by: Joni Bolkvadze
Published on 05 / 02 / 2016
In Tech


  1. Start to track your incomes and outcomes. Use excel, paper or some specific apps to write down how do you get and how do you spend your money. Which of them is fixed or unfixed, daily, monthly or annually.
  2. Set a goal to have a specific amount of the money for some specific date. Make a clear plan of your future finances.
  3. Get rid of buying services that you can do by yourself.
  4. First of all, do what you love to do. You also can start freelancing or to do some other, additional work.
  5. Start to build your career or run the business.
  6. Reduce various small expenses. Get rid of useless and unnecessary expenses. Treat the money with respect. Pay attention to each dollar. A million without a dollar is not a million.
  7. Get patience.
  8. Invest in yourself.
  9. Get rid of the Lotteries, Casinos and everything like that.
  10. If you want to earn more use your time effectively. Stay focused. Schedule your work, personal life, find the balance in your life.
  11. Find a source of additional, passive income.
  12. Open a bank account where you will periodically put the money.
  13. Quit the bad habit that constantly requires money from you, for example smoking.
  14. Take into consideration an investment, but also keep in mind that it’s always risky.
  15. “Do not kill the goose that laid the golden eggs”.
  16. Do not buy the stuff that costs more than third or a half of your salary.
  17. You can postpone purchasing expensive stuff.
  18. Cheapest is the dearest, cheap does not mean that it will meet your requirement.
  19. Stop having an illusion that some miracle will happen and someone or something will give you the money.
  20. Pay attention to the advice of the people who live the lives richer than you have.
  21. Do not make spontaneous purchases.
  22. When you are going somewhere do not take the money more than you really need.
  23. You can always ask for discounts.
  24. Get rid of questionable offers and deals.
  25. Sell the stuff that you never use.
  26. Not everything needs to be New to buy..
  27. Do not lend too much money, or just, do not lend. If you want to lose a friend, lend him some money.
  28. You can always find a place where you can buy with a cheaper price than you can pay now.
  29. Realize that the amount of the money does not mean its actual value.

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