30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time

Updated: 2023-05-10    
 Maka Tevdorashvili

This list of the most romantic movies will let you find something for every occasion you can imagine. Check them out and enjoy the beautiful modern and classic romances.

La La Land

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time.

We all know how rare it is to find a modern movie worth watching, and La La Land is that rare find. La La Land is on top of this list for many reasons, including its magnificent cinematography, beautiful music and great screenplay. La La Land will surely charm you even if you are not a romance fan.


Before Trilogy

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 330433

Portraying Celine and Jesse's pure, heartwarming, inspiring love is more than enough for a movie to be great. Before trilogy lets us be part of a love story so realistic and unbelievable simultaneously that it is hard not to be blown away.

Chungking Express

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 609828

Chungking Express is worth watching just because of its filmography and ethereal and breathtaking colors. Watching it without feeling all sorts of emotions about human connections and loneliness is nearly impossible.



30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 465672

It was impossible not to include a French movie on this list of the most romantic films. Amélie is a perfect choice and an absolute must-watch for anyone who would like a peak in the French lifestyle. But moreover, who would like to see how fascinating self-discovery and falling in love could be?


30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 86907

Casablanca is always part of the conversation when discussing classics, so seeing it on this list should surprise no movie buff. Casablanca is a timeless must-watch with rich dialogue and intriguing plot. If some of you still have not seen this masterpiece, add it to your watchlist ASAP.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 369539

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind had to be on this list for its original, unusual storyline. It is a perfect movie for those who are fed up with typical romantic plotlines and want to see something new. Be aware that watching it could be quite an emotional and thought-provoking experience.

The Notebook

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 24219

For many movie lovers, The Notebook is the best romantic movie ever created. We can argue about that, but we must admit it is a must-watch. There are many movies about two people from different social backgrounds falling in love. Still, this one set the bar high with its unbelievably emotional, eye-opening story.


Dirty Dancing

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 470283

Let's agree that Dirty Dancing is a must-watch just because of that beautiful lift scene. But more importantly, for seeing a beautiful fusion of emotions, life lessons and dance, finding a movie that unities the beautiful essence of love and dance.

Love Actually

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 462897

"Love Actually" is one of the best Christmas movies and an absolute must-watch for romance admirers. The development of various love stories lets you see the different natures of love and understand so many perspectives simultaneously.


Moulin Rouge

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 541674

Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor are simply magnificent in Moulin Rouge. The dynamic of the movie, crazy costumes and overall unforgettable feel of it will leave you speechless.

Gone With The Wind

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 113260

Another classic on this list differs from the ones you can watch late at night when expected at work the following day. Due to being four hours long, many people refrain from watching it but do not let our fast-paced content consumption make you miss out on this masterpiece that will most certainly leave you full of emotions.


The Holiday

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 783419

Another romantic Christmas movie we chose for this must-watch list is The Holiday. The love stories of the two couples show how complicated and impossible relationships could seem, but the fact that it is always worth it to fight for them feels you with hope not only for love but life in general.

Brokeback Mountain

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 837128

Heath Ledger and Jack Gyllenhaal portrayed a very heartwarming and super emotional queer love story in Brokeback Mountain. What makes this one a must-watch is the unforgettable performances. Unsurprisingly, they received Oscar nominations and became ultimate fan favorites.


In the Mood for Love

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 207909

Another masterpiece that should be seen purely for the cinematography is In the Mood for Love. However, there is so much more than mesmerizing visuals to this movie. Pure love, being lonely, bad timing, and life passing by without you living it - are just a few things you cannot help but think about while watching it.

When Harry Met Sally

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 338179

When Harry Met Sally is a classic rom-com, this movie is an excellent example of showing simple details of relationships that could be super beautiful and engaging. After all, the beauty of it all is in little things, isn't it?


Roman Holiday

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 841275

Roman Holiday is a 50s classic that will allow you to immerse into a story of a princess travelling in Rome. Incredible Audrey Hepburn and her unforgettable performance will let you emerge into the Italian philosophy of life even for a bit and enjoy life for what it is.

Slumdog Millionaire

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 604613

Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars and became one of the best choices for those who want to see an engaging, beautifully portrayed love story and learn more about India. The thrilling life story of a poor boy changing his fate will also make you look at life from a new perspective.


It Happened One Night

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 896366

It Happened One Night came out in 1934 and was the first film to win five major Oscars. Even though severe matters like famine and poverty are actively discussed in the movie, the simple romantic side of it still makes you see that romance could be appreciated even in such harsh settings.


30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 133177

We wanted to include a feel-good movie that is perfect when craving a comforting, fun experience. Seeing Cher acting so well and all the laughs you will get out of this movie will definitely let it appear in your recommendations, as in ours.


A Walk To Remember

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 716215

A Walk To Remember is (not surprisingly) quite an emotional movie for many. Being tasteful is not something we can say about most teenage movies, but A Walk To Remember is an exception. It is unexpectedly intelligent and full of various lessons about self-discovery and honesty.

10 Things I Hate About You

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 433590

10 Things I Hate About You is a 90s classic. Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles have unbelievable chemistry, precisely what you wish to see in a teenage movie. The battle between love and anger, which is so present during adolescence, is beautifully portrayed throughout the film - an absolute must-watch for teenagers, but not only.


Love & Basketball

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 319989

Love & Basketball was not a great success at the time of release, but it has said what it needed to, which is why it is still part of the conversation. It is a must-watch because of how women's ambitions and goals are represented considering romantic life.

Notting Hill

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 150544

Having a must-watch romantic movies list without a movie with 90s heart-throb Hugh Grant is simply impossible. And when it comes to Hugh Grant's filmography, Notting Hill, with its simple and, at the same time, complicated plot, undoubtedly stands out. Sometimes all it takes is a good cast and a simple love story to create something great.


The Proposal

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 705286

The Proposal is full of witty dialogues and funny jokes hidden throughout the whole film. Even though its plot received criticism quite a few times, we decided to include it on our list since the story and chemistry deserve a shout-out.


30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 920405

Her is one of those rare movies where involving technology to the extreme actually makes us feel more connected to the characters. Scarlett Johansson's voice for the AI Samantha is simply mesmerising, and Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore fantastically.


Crazy, Stupid, Love

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 790178

If you are looking for a romantic movie that will warm your heart, make you laugh and think that love is more than real, this is the movie for you. Showing people's struggles during different life stages feels refreshing and eye-opening. La La Land fans do not need a warning for the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.


30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 853708

Once is one of those rare movies that let us emerge in a love story accompanied by beautiful music. It is fascinating that the main characters are real-file musicians who have created the songs for the film. You do not have to be a melophile to be impressed by the process of writing and rehearsing the songs.


Say Anything…

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 291932

Fighting for the first love could look pretty gruesome at times. Say Anything… is a movie that shows the battle against norms and even our loved ones is sometimes more than necessary. The way Diane fights for her love is admirable not only for teens but for any adult too.

Pretty in Pink

30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 663883

Pretty in Pink is a great 80s film with a lovely romance and struggles that are still relevant for anyone trying to enter a different social class nowadays. There are multiple reasons why you must watch this fun creation. If some of you want to get a taste of or reminisce about 80s love and filmography, surely give it a go.



30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. 875492

Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore are an amazing on-screen couple with great chemistry. Even though some critics think that certain parts of the movie are too violent or inappropriate, this 90s classic is still a must-watch.

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