30 Rarely Seen Photos of the British Royal Family

Updated: 2023-04-25    
 Maka Tevdorashvili

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Just mentioning the "royal family" makes everyone think of the British monarchy. British royal family members are the most recognizable monarchy representatives worldwide. They are always in the limelight, and their public appearance is constantly photographed. However, some photos have not seen the light of day till recently. We have gathered 30 rarely-seen photos to commemorate certain late members of the British royal family and get a closer look into their lives.

Princess Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Princess Anne

This photo depicts life before Queen Elizabeth's coronation. Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip are in love and happy with their two kids. The photo was taken in 1952 when their life was not as hectic as it became once Princess Elizabeth started bearing the responsibility of the crown.


Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry

Princess Diana was famous for being a mother who was always beside her boys. She was not ashamed to have fun and play games with her children. This rare photo was taken in 1993 at the water park where she enjoyed a wet ride with William and Harry.

Prince Charles and Princess Anne

Finding old photos of Queen Elizabeth II and her children without corgis is almost impossible. While Prince Charles and Princess Anne were buried in the sand on the beach, one of the corgis posed between them. These fluffy little animals were part of the royal family till the very end of Queen Elizabeth's life.


Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and Prince Charles

This rare photo perfectly represents Princess Margaret's fun character and Elizabeth being part of her sister's adventures. Little Prince Charles seems indulged in the game too.

Prince Charles and Prince Andrew

We often forget that the royal family members are human beings like us; they go through each phase of life and might have similar issues/joys. This photo shows two boys having fun on a water slide. Obviously, it is not any water slide, but the one on the Royal Yacht Britannia. However, the point is that it depicts raw emotions of having fun that we do not see from the Royal family members that often.


Prince Philip with Prince Charles

This candid photo shows the adventurous character of the Duke of Edinburgh and how he enjoyed sharing it with his children. The image represents family time in Balmoral - Prince Philip in the kilt and Prince Charles in a trolley.

Princess Diana and Lady Sarah Chatto

This rare photo of Princess Diana belonged to the early 80s when her marriage with Prince Charles was still strong. The photo was taken during a country shoot and is one of a kind with Princess Diana in a very laid-back look. There were other family members at this shoot, but we only see Princess Margaret's daughter Lady Sarah Chatto in this picture.


Prince Charles and Princess Anne

Due to a small age gap, Prince Charles and Princess Anne have always been great friends. It is not a speculation if we say that Charles copying Anne in the photo is quite symbolic since later in life, Princess Anne has been an example and advisor to him many times.

Prince William and Princess Catherine

Very few modern photos of the British Royal family could be considered "rare". This one made it to the list because of the natural, unedited laughter. Royal family members are often described as distant and cold, almost unaware of the real world. This photo depicts that they are living beings and express the same emotions as the rest of the world.


Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne

The 1955 Balmoral summer holiday captured in a lovely snap is another photo that made it to our list. Queen Elizabeth petting a dog and Prince Philip engaged in some sort of unsafe activity with the eldest kids describe their family life well.

King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Margaret, and Queen Mother

Prince Charles having fun while sitting on a deer sculpture was quite a sight for the Royal family. It is a rare photo where the prominent Royal family members enjoy a fun moment together.


Prince Philip and Princess Anne

The bond between Prince Philip and Princess Anne was one of a kind - they had similar interests, passions and outlooks on life. In the summer of 1972, Anne enjoys a barbecue with her dad - a sweet father-daughter memory.

Peter Phillips, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward

Peter Philips is Princess Anne's son, who does not have a royal title but participates in significant royal events. Probably Queen Elizabeth wanted to take a photo with his husband and children. But Peter Philips had different plans - giving his grandmother a marigold.


Sarah - the Duchess of York, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice and babysitter Alison Wardley

The Duchess of York arrives at Balmoral with her girls and the babysitter. Eugenie and Beatrice, in matching outfits, look all cutesy. At this point, Sarah is still officially married to Prince Andrew, but they are separated.

Queen Elizabeth II with Princess Margaret

This photo depicts Elizabeth and Margaret enjoying a Scottish reel on the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert in 1937. Even though the royal sisters had to go through rough patches, eventually, it did not affect their sisterhood. They loved each other as much as it seems they do in this photo.


Prince Philip with Prince Charles

Prince Philip and Prince Charles having fun, splashing with each other at the beach in Norfolk, seems like one of those childhood memories that we cannot forget. Many say that Philip and Charles had various disagreements, but they respected each other deeply.

Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and Prince Andrew

There are a few unstaged photos of the Royal family like this one. Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in their comfortable attire and Prince Andrew being cheeky is not something we see often. And, of course, it would not be an authentic Queen Elizabeth photo without a corgi.


Prince Charles with Princess Anne

As toddlers, Prince Charles and Princess Anne enjoyed a huge car toy - quite rare at the time. In the 50s, these cars were a luxury; obviously, Charles - the kind brother- shared them with his sister.

King George, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret

One of the Royal family members jokingly smacking their child would cause a scandal nowadays. But this photo belonged to the early 30s and was not seen by the public for decades. Princess Margaret does not seem that fond of the activity; however, Queen Elizabeth is joining her dad gladly.


Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward

In its glory with the Royal family enjoying their summer holiday, Balmoral Castle was a frequent sight during the second half of the XX. Like most other British families, the Royals love taking walks. This rare photo shows one of those walks with the dogs.

Princess Diana with Prince Harry, Prince William and their friends

This photo is another example of Princess Diana's lively character. The way her children talk about her in interviews shows how much it meant for them to have a mother who was always ready to fulfil their childish wishes.


Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry

This rare photo depicts another memorable visit to Balmoral. Prince Charles in a kilt with his boys is a rare sight, especially with all smiling faces. This photo shows their relationship years after the widely known divorce.

Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward

The collars of their shirts are enough of a hint to guess when they snapped this photo. Three Royal brothers were enjoying their time at Balmoral in the late 70s. The age difference that significantly affected their relationship is evident in this photo.


Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne

The deep love of animals is something everyone knows about Queen Elizabeth. Even though Anne later shared this passion more deeply than Charles, in this photo, we see Charles being curious with a calf and Anne observing from the side.

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice

The daughters of the Duke of York enjoy their winter holidays in Switzerland. Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice do not lack public attention and are a core part of the Royal family. Queen loved her grandchildren very much and had a great relationship with them.


Queen Elizabeth II

Having afternoon tea was one of Queen Elizabeth's favourite traditions. In this lovely snap, she is sitting in the garden at Windsor Castle, enjoying afternoon tea. The crockery we see in the photo was used decades after this snap.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne

In this beautiful family photo, Queen Elizabeth shares her love for horses with her kids. She rode horses till she could and never stopped loving them. Princess Anne is more like her mother than Charles when it comes to being a fan of horses.


Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne

Probably everyone has created some variation of the see-saw in this photo. This snap is a great example of how the royal family behaved with their children. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip look like most parents in the 50s.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew

The way corgis did not leave the Queen alone for a minute is just adorable. There is so much parental care and attention in this "not that extraordinary" photo. It was impossible to leave it off the list.


Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward

The colours in this 1972 photo are quite something. It is another example of the influence that the 70s had even on the Royal family style. The Scottish kilts and their smiles say how much the Balmoral holidays meant to them.

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