5 Tips for App Retention


by: Joni Bolkvadze
Published on 03 / 05 / 2015
In Lifestyle

On the Global Mobile Game Congress 2015 in Beijing Vice President of Appsflyer in Asia, Ronen Mense revealed 5 tips for mobile game developers to drive retention, installs and monetization.

  1. Users will come and easy go.
  2. Use Push Notifications - Users should not forget about existence of app and use it more often. Push Notification is a good way to remind users about app, show them some news, some information, offers etc. Notifications is also a good way to communicate with your users. However, two of the biggest marketing mistakes in using push notifications is - not targeting users properly and communicating with them too frequently.
  3. Build a community – Building a strong, engaged community on social networks should be a major part of your overall retention strategy. Through social media, users may communicate and share their passions and connect with other users.
  4. Release updates.
  5. Reviews and Ratings – pay attention to the feedback from users. It’s they use your app.

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