5 Tips on Picking an Unforgettable Name for Your Startup


by: Joni Bolkvadze
Published on 18 / 02 / 2016
In Marketing

Everybody basically agrees that the name is very important for every company. Every day we see and hear dozens of company names, but we seldom remember them. Many experts of cognitive science say that we remember things better if they give us some kinds of associations. So in this article we will tell you how to pick an unforgettable name and how to let people remember the name of your company:

1) Emphasize an Advantage or main requirement. Don't be modest to call your company with name that shows the main advantage of your product or service. Few examples: Milk brand called "Calcio",  an internet modem called "Fast", or "Fast Pizza",  agro products' brand called "Green", emphasizing they have only natural and high-quality product. This trick will make a clue that your company is the best to meet the main requirement for this specific product.

2) Copy the name of the market leader. However, it will be better if it will consist two leading companies. For instance, 3 years ago two guys created a social network called Pinstagram. Mix of Pinterest and Instagram. It had a big attention of the users from both of social networks. How to pick the right business nameMany well-known brands did the same and got the names of fruits, like Apple: Peach, Blackberry, Banana, etc. Just be careful. Sometimes, it may lead to some legal action if the name you choose too closely resembles another.

3) Picking simple and weird names. For example, there is a Russian company called: "Without name". Everybody asks why did they call the company like this. However, it works.

4) The main feature of your product or service. For Example, an electric car brand Tesla and a well-known scientist called Nikola Tesla, who was an electric engineer and had revolutionary contributions and inventions in the fields of electricity. So this way, it's easy to form a connection between them.

5) Your Service. In this case your company will have a name of what you are doing. So this is a good way to emphasize your specialty and your professionalism. For example: Financial Office, Legal office, etc. 

Except from all above, advantage of using 1st, 4th and 5th tips is that they will be also helpful for Search Engine Optimization. Just before choosing the name check the domain availability for this name. This way your company will get higher ranking in the search results, so it will be found by much more people.


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