8 Tips on Getting Funding for Your Startup

Updated: 2021-05-15    
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8 Tips on Getting Funding for Your Startup. 533086

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If you have an interesting idea and a good plan, but do not have a starting capital to realize this idea, here are some tips that will help you to get your idea, project, a startup funded.

  1. Check out organizations, government institutions, and business incubators offering investment.
    • US: Y Combinator, TechStars, AngelPad, LaunchPad La, Muckerlab, 500 Startups;
    • Europe: SeedCamp, Springboard, Startupbootcamp, NDCR Launchpad, Openfund;
    • Asia: StartupsHK, China Accelerator, Beijing Tech Five, Haxlr8r, AngelVest, etc.
  1. Find Angel Investors. Connect to them through social networks. (Linkedin, Facebook)
  2. Run a campaign on Crowdfunding websites ( Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Gofundme )
  3. Check out websites connecting startups and investors (Angel.co, Crunchbase.com, itjuzi.com )
  4. Meet more people. Expand your professional network.
  5. Connect with successful startups and ask them to share their experiences with you.
  6. Attend events, exhibitions, every kind of meet-up providing an opportunity for networking and gaining experience in your industry. If there is none in your city, organize some by yourself.
  7. Ask your friends and family or other people to help you. Probably know someone ready to invest.


Additional Recommendations:

  1. Build up your team, find some like-minded people. Business can’t be always be done by only one person.
  2. Be always ready for the meetings with potential investors, because one day you will meet them.
  3. Use every opportunity and never give up!
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