Business and Tech Digest of the Week 7-14 March, 2016


by: Glob Start
Published on 10 / 03 / 2016
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This week in the world of Business and Technology

  1. Apple's software chief Craig Federighi refuses to 'turn back the clock' on iPhone security. 
  2. Meanwhile in China just in 30 minutes a group of technicians turn iPhone 6 16GB to iPhone 6 128GB without a problem, specialists say that they can also hack iPhone security. 
  3. According to a new report in Marketing Land Facebook plans to open Messenger to publishers later this year.
  4. Creator of Email and @ sign, Ray Tomlinson passed away at the age of 74. Thanks for your contribution. RIP.
  5. Ransomware is coming to Apple users. Starting from Mac computers.
  6. AnTuTu unveiled the best mobile processor for the beginning of 2016. Leading companies are: Apple, Qualcomm and Samsung. 
  7. Microsoft SQL will come to Linux. 
  8. Apple will need to pay $450 million as supreme court rejects e-books appeal. 
  9. Facebook Messenger rolled out a new, Material Design-styled version on Android to all users worldwide.
  10. Mercedes trolls BMW on its 100th anniversary offering every BMW employee free admission to the Mercedes-Benz Museum.
  11. Amsterdam opened the first VR Cinema in the world.
  12. Samsung launches its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in India at Rs 48,900 and Rs 56,900.
  13. Google opens its cheap cell-phone service called "Project Fi, to everyone. 
  14. Google hired the 4chan founder Christopher Poole to help revive Google+.
  15. Google updated Now on Tap which learned to read an information from the camera.
  16. Square launches payments in Australia Pinterest released a set of new advertising management tools that were previously unavailable for smaller and medium-sized businesses as its portfolio of advertising.
  17. Google's Larry Page, Apple's Tim Cook and Tesla's Elon Musk have all attended the secret meeting with Donald Trump.
  18. Instagram comes to Windows 10 Mobile.
  19. 10th of March, International conference on augmented and virtual reality in Russia.
  20. Google's computer program called AlphaGo on Wednesday unexpectedly defeated world champion Lee Se-dol in the first Go game of their five-game series.
  21. Facebook has bought popular app called MSQRD.
  22. Donald Trump emphasizes that he will force Apple to manufacture iPhones in the United States.
  23. Google has opened access to the beta version of the next android generation called Android N. Reportedly, this time N stands for Nutella.


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