Winners of South Summit 2016


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Published on 14 / 10 / 2016
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On October 5-7 Spain's South Summit 2016 has hosted 12,000+ attendees from over 100 countries. About 7,000 entrepreneurs, +400 local and international speakers, such as Allen Blue, co-founder of Linkedin, Niklas Zennström, co-founder of Skype, Dave McClure from 500 Startups, etc. South Summit also selected 100 startups from different countries for the Startup Competition.

South Summit's jury chose winners in different categories:

Fintech - "Aplazame",

Fashion - "Bepretty",

Industry & Energy - "Bioo",

Health & Wellness - "Orphidia",

Travel - "Travel Compositor",

Food - "Phenix",

EdTech - "Cuicui Studios",

Media & Entertainment - "The Motion", 

B2C - "Spotahome",   

B2B - "Geoblink".    

Best Team

Description: Currently, getting blood work done is an arduous procedure involving multiple appointments, large volumes of blood collected through venipuncture, and long wait times for opaque results. Orphidia is aiming to make blood testing easier, faster, more convenient, more accessible, and cheaper, all while empowering users to better understand their health. We are developing a fully-automated portable device to do all common blood tests for cardiac, liver, kidney, and thyroid function together with lipid, electrolyte, hormone, and vitamin levels in 20 minutes from one drop of blood. By moving common blood tests to the point of care and reducing turnaround times from days to minutes, Orphidia's technology will enable earlier diagnosis and treatment, increase patient compliance, facilitate better monitoring, and improve preventive care. We have a proprietary microfluidic chip and accompanying reader device to run these common blood tests, with multiple patents on the technology.

Most Scalable Product

Description: A Video Ad Technology for Performance. TheMotion converts each of your website's static products or service catalog into Video Ads. Automatically, instantly and at massive scale. TheMotion is fully compatible and optimized for Facebook, Doubleclick, YouTube, and is able to deliver your video ads straight to your favorite platform. TheMotion enables an easy, frictionless and inexpensive way to boost sales through Video Ads & Video Product Retargeting campaigns, across most of your acquisition channels.

Most Disruptive Startup

Description: Arkyne Technologies is a pioneering biotechnology company that develops and commercializes unique panels that generate electricity from plant’s photosynthesis in a competitive and sustainable way. Thus, our goal is to provide the greenest and most competitive energy production system to every business in the most convenient and efficient way. Our technology will empower humanity, for the first time, to generate renewable energy from a controllable and well-known source: plants. Furthermore, our panels would provide competitive energy while having a tremendous impact on this key three areas: 1) Drastic reduction of CO2 emissions 2) Landscape and biodiversity protection 3) Making electricity affordable and accessible to the more than 1.2 billion people living in energy poverty.

Startup Competition Winner

Description: Spotahome is becoming the largest rental site for mid to long term accommodation. With the Airbnb business model but more rentals over a month. The main difference is that we send local people to every single property to do a virtual viewing with HD videos, photos, floor plans and to extract all the info available making the most complete and accurate listings in the market. With this, tenants don't need to do viewings and thus they can just book online for months or years. By this, we are revolutionizing the Real State market by simplifying the way landlord and tenant go through the mid to long-term rental processes making them save time and money: - Money, because the fee is much cheaper than the one requested by a Real State traditional agency. - Time, because the whole process of booking is done online and in a few clicks, with no visits into the apartment. Neither the tenant nor the landlord wastes their time visiting or showing the apartment multiple times.


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